Possum Fibre and Washing Instructions


                                         The possum is a native of Australia, but once released into the New Zealand forests with its no natural predators against them, they became and still are a major pest. They cause enormous damage to our native forests, fruit trees and transmit diseases like TB to our farm animals. There is an extensive control program to keep the possum population from reaching disasterous numbers so this ensures a continuing supply of possum fibre. 
The unique soft pointed ends and hollow core of possum fur provides an extremely light, soft and luxurious fibre. It is one of the warmest fibres. Even the lightest possum product will keep the wearer warm, without being bulky. It has a beautiful feel to touch/handle.
With improved technology  it has made it possible to become a high fashion product for both men and women.
Once you have had a possum/wool garment of this quality you will want another. Some of our customers in our shop, Nouvelle, and also from the website have bought 2-3 of the same style because they have enjoyed them so much. Possum/wool garments are to be recommended when travelling because they are so light weight but yet so warm.
WASHING INSTRUCTIONS   Our 40% possum blend with merino wool can be safely washed using cold/cool, gentle machine cycles and a slow spin. Dry flat. Ensure you have plenty of space for it to move in the machine as tangling can stretch the product.
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